How To Dress Like A Lady, Even If You Don’t Act Like One…




Most women love to look and feel sexy, but some occasions call for leaving a teensie bit to the imagination. The perfect mixture of elegant style would consist of a classy Jackie O. mixed with a dash of sassy Marilyn.

Growing up as I was told to “act as pretty as I look”. We’ve all messed this up a few times along the way, please don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s cursed in a cocktail dress, or ditched my fancy heels to dance barefoot after too many glasses of champagne… Regardless, if you’re dressed beautifully it automatically makes you look classier. Who doesn’t want that?!


Here are a few examples where this classy style sense may come in handy:

1. Your boss’s wedding

2. A party with snobby colleagues

3. The first time you meet your boyfriend’s conservative parents

4. Baptisms

5. Most job interviews

Here’s my favorite rule of thumb: show off your best asset, no matter what season it is.


BOOTY: If you run 6 miles a week and have a killer butt, wear a form fitting skirt or tight pants with a loose fitting top.


BUST: Perhaps you like to show a little cleavage (I’m all for this), but I don’t recommend pairing a tight mini skirt with a plunging top. I’m not a prude, and there is a time and place for this sort of ensemble (Vegas, a sexy date night, girls night out, etc)… But I don’t suggest showing off everything you’ve got when you’re trying to be taken seriously at a corporate job interview.

*Forbes magazine wrote that studies show the women who wore sexy attire in a professional environment were often passed up by the women dressed more conservatively for promotions. If you want a powerful job, dress the part. 


LEGS: If you were blessed with long, lean legs… Or you’ve worked your butt off to get them, show those babies off in a mini skirt! Just make sure you offset the look with a blazer, turtleneck, or loose fitting top.


WAIST: If your favorite asset is an itty-bitty waist, you’ll probably want to focus on dresses, pants and tops that are tight and accentuate it. Belts are always a great addition if you’re wearing a flowy dress and want to add a little Jessica Rabbit spice. 


SHOULDERS: Off-the-shoulder tops are great for showing off gorgeous shoulders. Feel free to wear these with a pencil skirt, slacks, loose shorts, or even a cute pair of jeans. 


ARMS: Whether you like boxing, pilates, or yoga… Or maybe you were just born lucky… Those toned arms deserve to be seen. Rock a sleeveless top with form-fitting pants, or a pretty skirt and you’re good to go. 


At the end of the day you want to look and feel like yourself, but dressing like the BEST version of yourself will only help you feel good on the inside and exude confidence on the outside. Now go knock some socks off! 




Simply Nina 


This dress is made by Mustard Seed, currently available at Bloomingdales for $88

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