3 Easy Exercises That Won’t Hurt Your Ankle Injury



Let’s be honest, having an injury is a real pain in the butt. Or in this case foot! It prohibits you from doing normal daily activities and in turn can leave you feeling emotionally frustrated. I’m typically a happy person but this broken ankle really did a number on me. When you’re used to running 10 -15 miles a week and suddenly can’t work, drive, run simple errands, shower normal, or properly care for your pet it definitely messes with your sense of purpose. It’s normal to feel this way after an injury, please don’t feel alone. I’m here to help you survive and work on getting that hot summer body you’ve been promising yourself since the New Year! 

Here are 3 easy exercises that will help you keep toned till your Doctor gives you the green light to hit the gym and resume your normal activities. They’re also great for core strength and balance even once your injury is fully healed. You’re welcome. 


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1. MODIFIED “GIRL” PUSH-UP: Let’s be real, I see guys do these in classes ALL the time. I hate that they’re called “girl push -ups” but they’re safe for your foot injury, and great for toning the arms and abs… so we’ll let the sexist name slide for the time being.

– Start with chest on the ground.
– Pull feet towards your booty.
– Form a 45-degree angle with your torso.
– Keep a straight line from head to knees through-out the whole exercise.
– Keep core tight while slowly pushing through hands to extend elbows straight.
– Pause once elbows are fully extended and then slowly lower back to starting position.
– Do 3 sets of 20.




2. FIRE HYDRANT KICKS: The classy name this exercise acquired is because you literally look like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant when properly doing this exercise. Promise you won’t care how silly the name is once you see how great these are for shaping your butt.

– Start by safely getting on your hands and knees, hip and shoulder width apart.
– Knees should be bent to 90 degrees, directly beneath your hips
– Tighten core, straighten spine, and raise left leg up above the left side of your body.
– Form straight line from knee to shoulder.
– Do 20 reps on each leg, 3 sets. 




3. BICYCLE SIT-UPS: These are AMAZING for all of the major abdominal muscles.

– Safely find your way into your back.
– Raise your head 6-8 inches off ground with both hands gently cradling your neck.
– Exhale and bend left knee to touch (or get close to) right elbow.
– Then switch and bring right knee to left elbow while keeping upper body and head raised from ground.
– Repeat this motion 20 times. Rest between sets. Do 3 sets in total.


Congratulations, you’re 3 steps closer to washboard abs and a Brazilian looking booty! Hope these exercises help you blow off some steam and get that dreamy summer body.


Happy Training,


DISCLAIMER: As with all injuries, make sure you check with you doctor before doing any sort of exercise to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. Thank you!

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