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Who doesn’t love to feel fancy and be pampered?!? I know that I love being greeted by a cool cucumber washcloth after traveling. Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to sell your unborn babies or take out a second mortgage on your home to live the good life. With a little extra planning you can travel the world, enjoy the finer things, and still manage to do it on a somewhat friendly budget.

Below are a few tips that will help you plan your next vacation without breaking the bank.  Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 5.18.04 PM

1. Make sure that if you use a credit card it is one where you get miles from spending. The more you spend, the more miles you get to put towards your next airline ticket! Please note that I’m not encouraging obscene amounts of shopping since you are in fact saving up for a vacation, but certain necessities in life must be purchased along the way. Food, toiletries, gas for your car, etc. It makes sense to take advantage of these purchases.

2. Research the areas you want to visit and the hotels available there. I am a HUGE fan of trivago.comtripadvisor.com. I use these websites to compare prices, read reviews, see photos, and get the scoop on every hotel we book. Sometimes the most expensive hotel isn’t necessarily the nicest hotel. Wouldn’t it be useful to know that information before spending an arm and a leg on staying there? I often look for 5 star resorts and if their prices aren’t within our budget, I look to see what boutique hotels are also close by. This means you won’t pay a fortune on your hotel, but you’ll still have access to high end restaurants and shopping in that area. You can also dine in the 5 star hotel without paying a premium for staying there.

3. Once you find the hotel you want to book… Check websites like luxurylink.com, expedia.com, & orbitz.com to see if there are any great competitive deals going on for your hotel. This is a great way to save money and get your vacation started on the right foot. Wouldn’t you rather put that extra money towards upgrading to first class, a fabulous massage, or great souvenirs?!kc-10-refueling-aircraft-619999_1280

More travel tips to come. Hope this helps you save time and money in the meantime.


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