Flight Essentials

travel-164574_1280Sitting on a plane is rarely comfortable, especially on a long International flight. There’s nothing worse than listening to your fellow guests snore while you can’t seem to get cozy, let alone sleep. I’ve composed a list of flight essentials that will help make your travels more comfortable, and may even increase your chances of dozing.


1. Bring your own headphones (theirs are uncomfortable & rarely work well).

2. Bring your own snacks. I’ve found that most flights don’t offer much in the way of healthy food options, and when they charge you for their mediocre snacks they’re charging 3x more than you normally pay.

3. Bring a light weight jacket or scarf in case it gets cold on the plane. This also serves as a nice pillow if you need something soft to snuggle your head upon.

4. Bring flip flops & socks. I like to take my shoes off and keep my feet warm with socks on a long flight. If you need to make a trip to the restroom it’s not ideal to do it barefoot or in socks. This is where your flip flops come in very handy, they also don’t take up much space in your carry-on bag.

5. Melatonin. This is an over the counter supplement that helps your body sleep when taken in small doses. It’s magical and non-addictive. I don’t recommend taking this if you’re pregnant or nursing without consulting your doctor first. Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.05.03 PM

6. A good book or magazine. If you’re like me and have trouble sleeping on planes good reading material is always mandatory.

7. An ipod, ipad or laptop. My husband and I like to download movies to our laptops and watch them together on long flights.

8. Lip balm, hand lotion, and eye drops. Flying can be very drying. Keeping lip balm, lotion and eye drops on hand will make it more comfortable.

9. Toothrush and toothpaste. After sleeping on a plane for 6+ hours I’m a huge fan of brushing my teeth, I wish more people thought like this. Just make sure to use bottled water (not the tap water from the bathroom facet) to wet your toothbrush and rinse your mouth.

10. Earplugs. They help drown out the noise of screaming babies, drink carts clattering, and the dreaded snores of fellow guests. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.12.19 PMCongratulations, you are now ready for take-off.


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  1. LOVE IT!!
    Great tips!
    Love and very proud you. Shows all your hard work and you deserve lots of success!

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