6 International Travel Tips You Need To Read

IMG_0243You’re planning a trip to another country and you have no idea where you should book hotels, where you want to dine, and locations to see while you’re there. Lucky for you it isn’t as overwhelming as it seems. Thanks to the Internet and the trials and tribulations of other travelers, you can plan the perfect vacation while sitting on your couch and sipping a glass of wine.

Here are 6 travel tips that will help you see everything you want, spend within your budget, and create memories to last a lifetime.

1. Check websites like yelp.com, trivago.com and tripadvisor.com for helpful information on hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. These sites display price comparisons, reviews, and photos which other guests have taken (rather than the professional ones these businesses proudly display on their websites). This makes it easier to judge whether or not a place is worth your business. There are suggestions on what to order at said restaurants, which rooms are loud in certain hotels, and the overall service at these establishments. These sites also display the levels of pricing. If you’re on a budget you most likely want to stay away from 5 stars and 4 dollar signs, though you can sometimes find special offers on these sites as well.

2. Eat where the locals eat. If you’re truly looking to experience the culture of the country it’s a great idea to dine with the locals. You can find delicious, reasonably priced restaurants through your online research, by asking your hotel concierge, or asking friendly locals what their favorite restaurants are. Sometimes the best meals are found by stumbling across a hidden gem. If the outside of a restaurant smells incredible, take a chance and walk in. IMG_0698

3. Always bring your camera. You’re visiting places and meeting people that you may never see again. Some travelers worry about looking like a tourist if they take too many photos, but I’d be more worried about not capturing a moment that can never be recreated. Taking photos is free, won’t take up space in your luggage, and it’s a great way to share experiences and stories with your friends and family back home. The only thing you need to watch out for is not “being in the moment”. Once you get some great shots, put your camera down and enjoy your surroundings. 

4. Adjust to the local time. While you’re most likely exhausted from traveling and lack of sleep, it’s actually best to push through the day and adjust to the time zone you’re in. Taking a nap in your hotel may sound appealing, but it will take that much longer for your body to adjust to the time change. Try your best to make it through the day and go to sleep when the locals do so you can make the most of your vacation days. When people ask about your vacation adventures you most likely don’t want to say that you spent most of it napping. 

5. Take vitamins & use hand sanitizer. There’s nothing worse than getting sick on vacation. I know this all too well, traveling often takes a toll on my body. Between recycled air on planes, germs on public transportation, and lack of sleep it’s inevitable at times. However, I’ve found that keeping vitamins on hand, getting a decent amount of rest, staying hydrated, and washing my hands frequently are great ways to prevent any sort of cold or flu outbreak.

It’s smart to keep hand sanitizer in your purse, and always have Dayquil and Tylenol PM on hand for emergency situations. I’ll never forget feeling like death in Barcelona (on my Honeymoon), and my husband attempting to speak broken Spanish at the local pharmacy to purchase cold medicine. We still don’t know exactly what it is that I took, but thankfully it helped. Since then I always keep some Dayquil and Advil in my luggage. 

sandal-669372_12806. Bring comfortable shoes. This is REALLY important if you plan to do a lot of walking and sightseeing. While I’m a sucker for gorgeous heels, I’ve learned that comfort often wins over fashion while exploring new areas. You can bring your stilettos to wear to dinner, but unless you enjoy blisters, I don’t recommend walking 3+ miles in them on cobblestone streets. 


I hope you find these tips useful when you start planning your next adventure. 


Simply Nina 


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