How To Get Your Best Bikini Body For Summer…


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While stuffing my face at “Craig’s” restaurant last week, in case you aren’t familiar with this place it is some of the BEST Italian food & people watching that Los Angeles has to offer, I bumped into my friend Steve Jordan…

He is the epitome of balance: smart, healthy, fit, inspiring, and handsome. He knows how to eat well, splurge from time to time, and train hard when it’s needed. It makes sense that he has devoted his life to making people look and feel their absolute best. With summer just around the corner we decided it would be fun to collaborate ideas and game plans on how to achieve your best bikini body. In this series we will discuss mindset, recipes, and exercises that will (hopefully) help motivate and inspire you. Cheers to looking and feeling fantastic this summer!


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Inspiring Words From Steve:

It’s time to get your bikini body on for the summer, and I’ve got the best program proved and tried by some of the hottest celebrities including Ashley Greene and Gerard Butler.

This program begins with your mindset, not your diet or ab moves. Yes you read correctly, your mind is going to guarantee you the results that you deserve.

A positive outlook on life is arguably one of the most powerful assets you can have. Positive people expect good health, happiness, wealth, success and good relationships, and those things tend to show up in their lives. This not because they already have success, or because they are more confident and more outgoing, it is simply because of their attitude. This is the basic law of attraction and your positive thoughts will produce your best summer bikini body.


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Here are some basic things you should start doing if you want to be more positive:

· Expect greatness and positive results. Believe that what you want will in fact come to you!

· Disregard and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Even if you start to think negative thoughts, take a deep breath and think the opposite, positive thought.

· Stop surrounding yourself with negative people. Negativity can and will rub off on even the most positive person. Find positive people who are already doing what you want to do, and hang out with them.

· Visualize a positive outcome that you’ll have Your Best Bikini Body This Summer. I like to have my client’s post a picture when they felt and looked their best somewhere they can see on a regular basis, like your screen saver. This will keep you motivated and inspired.

· Do things that make you feel good and happy! “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

· Take the phrase, “I can’t!” out of your vocabulary. Language is a powerful tool and can be used to create a positive change. Turn “I Can’t” into “I Can!”

I typically start my client’s here for a few weeks so their not overwhelmed with too much information. Keeping it simple allows them to master their mind, and the body will follow.

In Part 2 of this I will reveal my top 5 exercises for Your Best Bikini Body For Summer.

“Think positive and positive things will happen!”


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Yours in Fitness and Wellness,

Steve Jordan, BS, CSCS, PES, CPT, HLC
America’s Fitness Ambassador

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