Beneficial Yoga Poses

We all know that yoga is good for us, but most of us don’t know exactly why. Besides giving you flat abs and buns of steel (I’m still waiting for the yoga fairy to deliver these items)… yoga can also help you get better sleep, improve digestion, help circulation, and give you more energy. Below are 3 yoga poses that I find extremely useful.

DSC_0566CAMEL POSE (Ustrasana) – this pose is an intermediate level. Please don’t hold this for more than 20 seconds if you’re a new yogi, I don’t want you to strain or break anything. Camel pose is great for improving digestion, relieving constipation (lady-like, I know), and also helps add flexibility and strength to the body. 

How To: Kneel on your mat, knees should be in line with your shoulders. Soles of your feet should be facing the ceiling. Place hands on hips. Slowly inhale and draw tail-bone to your belly button. Arch your back and slide palms over your feet until your arms are straight. Keep neck in neutral position, breathe in and out a few times. On last breath out slowly come back to initial pose with hands on hips. 

image1-2REVERSE WARRIOR (Vipirita Virabhadrasana) – this pose stretches the arms and torso, also helps open the hips. Good for building lower body strength, increasing blood flow, and energizing the entire body. 

How To:

Start in Mountain Pose. Feet will be hip-distance apart and arms at your sides. Turn left and step your feet about 4 – 5 feet apart. Align heels. Turn right foot out 90 degrees, toes should be pointing to the front of the mat. Pivot left foot to a 45 degree angle. Raise arms above shoulders, parallel to floor. Arms should be aligned over your legs, palms facing each other. Exhale and bend front knee, sink hips low. You are now in Warrior 2 pose. Exhale, drop your left (back) hand to the back of your left thigh. Inhale, lift right arm straight up, and reach fingertips toward the sky. Tilt head slightly & gaze at fingertips, allow right hand to guide the right arm backwards towards the back of the mat. Hold for 10-20 breaths and ease your way back into Warrior 2 pose.

FullSizeRender-2TREE POSE (Vrikshasana) – this pose improves balance (both physically and emotionally), strengthens leg and bootie muscles, and helps build self-confidence… Who doesn’t want all of these?!?

How To: Stand in Mountain pose with toes & ankles touching, shoulders should be open and relaxed. Ground left foot and lift right leg, place right leg inside inner thigh of left leg (near knee or above if possible). Keep hips even. Lift hands to prayer position in front of heart, then raise hands above head into a slight V-shape while gazing forward. Breathe in and out, then come back to Mountain Pose.

Hope these poses give you energy, strength and confidence. More fitness tips to come…




Simply Nina



3 Responses to “Beneficial Yoga Poses”

  1. Jamie says:

    As a fellow yogi and having gone through yoga teacher training, I totally agree with everything you said, Nina!! There are so many benefits that go far beyond the physical aspect to yoga. I can say that hands down I sleep ten times better after practicing, not to mention it calms the mind helping to fall asleep more easily.

    P.S. Love the pics (well done, Z!)

    • admin says:

      Thanks Jamie! I would love to have you help me do a write-up on other poses that help everyday stress, you are so talented.

      Xo, Nina

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