Your Dog Is Not A Baby…

IMG_2006This may come as a shock to many of you, but your dog is not a baby. I am the first to admit that my sweet little Frenchie, Ella Pearl, is a spoiled rotten puppy. She’s smart and incredibly cute, and knows how to work it, so she’s officially become the boss of our home. Ella dictates what time she’d like dinner, what time our whole family should wake up, and when the appropriate time to go for a walk is. She’s also well traveled; she’s actually flown first class (on my lap), stayed at the Four Seasons on a few occasions, and loves to shop a great sale at Bloomingdale’s. However, at the end of the day Ella is still a dog.

Most dog owners have a different mentality on the way the world works. They feel it is okay to bring their pup wherever they go. In most cases this is fine (at least in Los Angeles), but there are a few exceptions we need to discuss.

1. If your dog is not a service dog it has no right being in the supermarket. It is unsanitary and highly rude. Do you want someone else’s dog fur getting in your fresh produce? I don’t.

2. Unless you are specifically told that you should bring your dog to a dinner party, they should not be your plus one. It is not polite to ask to bring your dog to a party if the owners do not have pets, are allergic to pets, or have never stated in the past that you should bring Fido. Asking this of your host puts you both in an awkward position that could have otherwise been avoided.

3. If you are going on a group vacation with friends, you should not bring your dog as a surprise guest. The point of a group vacation is for everyone to relax. Having someone else’s dog sleep in your bed, slobber on the cheese platter, or chew up your favorite swimsuit is anything but relaxing. If you truly cannot find pet care, or cannot live without your dogs companionship, ask your friends before packing your dog’s suitcase.IMG_9784

Most people DO love dogs. My life wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilled without my furry little friend. However, all people are different, so use your common sense and check to make sure your friends and family are on the same page before you pack your pup into the car, plane, or hotel.


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