Splitting The Check

shutterstock_211304074To split, or not to split?

It’s a tough decision that most people deal with on a somewhat regular basis. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves at a ridiculously overpriced restaurant the “birthday girl” has chosen, and we all split the check evenly (minus the birthday girl of course). This can be really unfair if you were on the Master cleanse and ordered a lemon water as your entree. Whether you had a small salad for dinner, or you’re pregnant and therefore didn’t order 4 cocktails (like everyone else at the table), you’re still somehow responsible for an even split. It isn’t really fair, but you don’t want to sound cheap so your place your credit card in the pile and politely smile while everyone agrees that you should split the check evenly.

How you can avoid this situation in the future:

1. Establish that you would like a separate check before ordering anything from your server.

2. Politely decline the invite to a group dinner at a posh restaurant if your finances are not in a place where you feel comfortable participating. Instead, you can offer to take the birthday girl (or boy) out for drinks on another evening. This actually gives you more one-on-one time with them. Or, if you enjoy cooking, offer to cook for them. shutterstock_121032193

3. Use your voice. If you are pregnant, freshly out of rehab, or simply didn’t drink, it is completely acceptable to offer to pay for your share of the bill minus the alcohol portion. Nobody will think less of you. In the end nobody wants to lose a friendship over a few dollars, life is way too short.  


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