To Be, Or Not To Be, A Bridesmaid…

shutterstock_203679499Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor. It’s a huge compliment, and also a huge responsibility. There are definitely women who have given  the term “Bridezilla” a run for it’s money, but most women just want their special day to be perfect. If you aren’t married yet, you will most likely want your wedding to be flawless as well.

Here are a few responsibilities that you may want to consider before agreeing to buy an overpriced ill-fitting dress…

 1. You need to accept the fact that the bridesmaid dresses selected will possibly be the least favorite dress you’ve EVER purchased. This isn’t always fun, but classy bridesmaids know that their special day will come, and keeping their negative opinions to themselves is much classier than insulting the bride.

2. It is your responsibility to help plan, cohost, and (most likely) help pay for a bridal shower of some sort. It doesn’t need to be over the top, but the bride cannot throw this for herself. A bridal shower is simply a classy way for friends and family of the bride to help the new couple get their lives started together. Sometimes the bride’s Mother will want to be involved or even offer to plan and pay for this special occasion. Consider this a blessing if the mother offers, and bite your tongue if she plans it differently than the bridesmaids had envisioned. IMG_0899

3. Offer to help shop for the bridal gown with the bride (this is usually the fun part), stuff wedding invitations, and keep track of all gifts the bride receives at her shower. Doing this is important so the bride can send proper thank-you cards to each gift giver. 

4. Attend the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. This is a great way to meet both sides of the bride and groom’s families if you haven’t already befriended them.

5. Be supportive on the wedding day. Most brides find themselves a little stressed leading up to this magical day, keeping the bride happy and calm is beneficial to everyone involved. If the bride drinks, a small amount of champagne or wine can do a lot of good before your bride walks down the aisle. Please note that you should NOT encourage shots or excessive drinking. There’s nothing classy about a bride who has to stumble and crawl down the aisle.

shutterstock_1210321936. Offer to bustle the bride’s dress after the wedding ceremony. In case you aren’t familiar with bustling, it means tying the gown with strings or snaps underneath the dress that were added during alterations. It gets the back of the dress off the ground and allows the bride to move more freely throughout the evening.

7. When the music kicks in at the reception it is always great for the bridal party to get up and get the dancing started. Guests will feel more at ease when they see the bridal party getting d481own, and this will make the evening start off on the right foot.

8. Make sure the bride’s hair and make up are looking picture perfect throughout the evening. If you notice red lipstick on her teeth it is good karma to tell her and fix it.

9. Please say goodbye to the bride and groom before leaving. They chose you to be a huge part of their special day because they adore you, and no matter how tired or tipsy you may be, saying goodbye is the polite thing to do.

Congratulations, you are now ready to be the perfect bridesmaid (if you feel up to it). May your bride be as gracious as you.


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